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poems of this moment

Parent and Child


Beloved parents,

Forget the borders

and remember to listen,

Forget the rules

and look into the eyes,

Forget about education

and sanctify the meeting,

because it is the heart,

And in it is the secret of life.




Where are the desires satisfied?

And behold, there is no satisfaction for pleasure.

The hermit will run away all his life,

The old will be chased blindly.

the one who walks the path of awakening,

let the bird of the soul fly,

and gives desire a loving embrace.

without being allowed or forbidden,

To walk barefoot on the green grass.



to pass on the knowledge

with open eyes

And a fluttering heart.

to separate the skin from the juice.

and season with a little freshness,

Naughty and true.

And don't hesitate to delete lines

Because the truth cannot be written.


Lectures, books and explanations

try to describe reality in the thickness of a page.

But in the plaןמ in which I live,

All the theories are all,

collapses in front of the baby's crying.

And I, sometimes drift in the waves

and sometimes,

walking on water,

And my tail is, like your tail,


in the depths of the sea


In the secret of longing

looks around to every corner,

A person wants to be seen.

the view and smells drags him by the nose.

He is after mirrors and illusions.

The source of the desire is longing.

An ancient longing for a the one

Back when the milky way was just an idea.


A man is sitting here at this moment

on a sphere floating in full empty space,

full of longing.

To hear the whole universe resonating

Like a mother calling her child to return home.

Because of countless bodies and movements,

sticking out

the one.

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