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Yonatan Menahem
trilotherapy-meditation - education

about yonatan

Yonatan graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology

.and a master's degree in education

Therapist and teacher at the trilotherapy school

specializes in children, teenagers and parents

Was an educator and deputy school principal for 15 years.

 currently a therapist and workshop leader

and a lecturer on parenting, education and self-fulfillment.

Specializes in attention and concentration, emotional difficulties

and social in children and adolescents.

"In my approach I combine the language

of Trilotherapy (mind, emotion, spirit),

Gestalt psychology,

Methods from the world of personal training

and work with different types

of meditations and experiential practices.

I believe that the difficulties

that knocking on our door are

opportunities for growth and awakening."

contact yonatan-   972.52.8966939
or email -


wonder child

a free webinar

talking about kids, parenting and education

the webinar is in hebrew 

with English translation


yonatan's meditations

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Yonatan's teachings

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The podcast


songs of this moment

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contact Yonatan

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